BFG Winnipeg

BFG WINNIPEG – just an  unbelievable sire! Unique breeding values for more than a decade show the dominance of BFG WINNIPEG in the Fleckvieh Population. He is the most influential and the most important bull during the last 40 years. BFG WINNIPEG improved milk, beef & fitness traits, the weak point were average udders in… Continue reading BFG Winnipeg


Unbelievable BFG HIPPO daughter TAUBE – 10 years later  and a non expected selection as Reserve Champion cow At the 100th Anniversary Show in Pfaffenhofen in 2006, 2 former Holstein farmers took part with their upgraded Fleckvieh cows and they did more than well. Karl-Josef Vermoehlen showed his BFG HIPPO daughter TAUBE and she was… Continue reading Taube